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PEIXOS is an audiovisual project comprised of nine ten-minute episodes. This comedy-thriller series is a story of rejections and acceptance where you will discover the customs, language and social peculiarities of Deaf community. The production of PEIXOS has been conducted by a joint team of deaf and hearing people, and it has meant a real experience of integration.

PEIXOS has benn produced without any public or private donations.

··· THE SERIES ···

PEIXOS tells the story of three very different young people who are forced to live by the circunstances. Together, they will try to reveal a dark secret that has been hidden from to the Deaf community for centuries. Love, mystery, laughter, tears and surprises await you in the first season of PEIXOS.


He's a innocent and equally clumsy old soul studying sign language interpretation to surprise and win back his ex girlfriend. He will start his journey in the enigmatic paths of the Deaf.


She's Tito's neighbor and best friend. She's an activist, a true animal lover and vegetarian. She practises a combination of Zen meditation, shamanism and sylvan natural therapies, and this is reflected in her revolutionary political views and her fight against injustice.


He's Tito's flatmate. He's elegant inside and out; an expert on Art and History. Nobody in the western world can prepare sushi like his. He became an outlaw after unfortunate misunderstanding involving the murder of the Prado's Museum director and the disappearance of one of Goya's paintings.

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